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Welcome to LeadsWizard, the home of quality mortgage and finance leads online.

If you're a financial adviser looking for new business and don't want to have to deal with time-wasters or unqualified business that cannot be placed then you will love our system. Our revolutionary state of the art system will ensure that you get the leads you want, when you want them.

Our Services

  • premium leads
    Premium Leads

    Red carpet service, leads fully qualified, placeable, and packaged with fact finds and more...

  • standard-leads
    Real-Time Leads

    The customers you want and have chosen, ready for your inbox the instant they submit an enquiry.

  • refunds
    Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a complete money back guarantee for any of our leads that either cannot be contacted or that cannot be placed w...

  • leads database
    State of the Art System

    Our unique, easy to use and high tech system will update you as and when the leads come through providing you with exact...


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